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Service uptime

Target of 99.95% uptime to users, as measured each calendar month, for the hosted website service, excluding planned maintenance and emergency outages.

Security overview

Traffic to the website is routed via the Cloudflare DDOS protection system.

Files are locked so that changes can only be made by BWG staff.

Monitoring tools provide notification of changes made to the site.

BWG undertakes to monitor WordPress and any plugins for security vulnerabilities and to update applicable security patches within 4 business hours of them being released.


BWG undertakes to back up the hosted sites on the dedicated server in Auckland to Amazon S3 in Australia East Coast twice daily.

Restoration targets

The target BPO is 24 hours

The target BTO is 4 hours

Incident response times

Classifications shall be as assigned by BWG after discussion with the Customer and based on the classifications below. In support of the hosted website service outlined in this SLA, BWG will respond to service-related incidents and/or requests submitted by email by the Customer within the following time frames:

Incident classification Target timeframe
Critical Two (2) hour (during business hours*)
High priority Four (4) hours (during business hours*)
Medium priority Eight (8) hours (during business hours*)
Low priority Twenty-Four (24) hours (during business hours*)

Business hours are *M-F, 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.


Critical is defined as Total hosted website unavailability. Causes critical business or security impact for the Customer.

High Priority is defined as a major performance degradation of the website.

Medium Priority is defined as minor performance degradation or minor limitation to business functions.

Low Priority is a minor issue with the website with negligible business impact for Customer.


Communications timeframes

a. Service Request: target communication timeframes

Attribute Target timeframe and method
 Service Request acknowledgement – acknowledged receipt of a completed Service Request  1 Business Day – email from BWG
Service Request acceptance – confirmation that BWG can deliver the service and advise the target delivery commitment date 2 Business Days from receipt of Service Request acknowledgement- email from BWG

b. Service Request delivery – target timeframes

Attribute Target timeframe
Minor change – photo update, content update (provided by client), text change, without any structural changes to the layout of functionality of the site, details to be provided using the provided request form. 1 Business Day
Complex change – new page/new layout – inc 300 word content – to be completed by completing the provided request form 5 Business Days

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