Landing Pages

Landing Page Design That Converts

Landing pages are the first page a visitor to your website sees after clicking on a link in one of your advertising or marketing campaigns. This could be a PPC ad, a promotional post on social media, a link in an email, or a call to action button on your website. If the landing page design is not properly constructed and compelling enough, the visitor may leave without converting.

At Business Website Group Auckland, we create landing pages that convert. We will take whatever goal you have for the page and will design it in a way that increases the number of people who take the desired action.

This includes having attention grabbing headlines and compelling calls to action as well as positioning the calls to action in the right place. We also ensure the copy on the page converts plus we include features that create urgency. The page will also be free from distractions to keep the visitor focused on your goal.

Measuring and Testing

A key part of getting landing page design right is measuring the results of the page and then testing variants to see where improvements can be made. We can take care of this process for you too. It is called split testing and involves testing every element on the page, making tweaks and adjustments as necessary.

Benefits of Using Our Landing Page Design

  • Improved conversions
  • More sales
  • Lower cost per click on PPC campaigns
  • Better ROI

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