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You will find a lot of advertising agencies in Auckland. This ranges from one-person operations to large teams that operate nationwide. What is the best choice for your business, however? The answer is usually the one with the most experience.

At Business Website group, we have extensive experience developing and implementing digital marketing and advertising strategies for businesses like yours. We offer a comprehensive range of services and will tailor a solution to your business.

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What is Pay Per Click Auckland?

Pay Per Click Auckland is a form of advertising on Google’s search results pages. One of the key features of Pay Per Click (or PPC) is you only pay whenever someone clicks on your ad. This results in a much more significant connection between what you spend and the results you achieve.

With PPC advertising, you can target customers in Auckland or further afield, you control your daily budget, and you decide which keywords you target.

Google’s main PPC tool is called AdWords.

AdWords Auckland and Getting a Return on Investment

Theoretically, anyone can set up an AdWords Auckland advertising campaign. Getting results from your campaign, as well as a return on investment, is much more difficult. This is because of two main reasons:

  • Google AdWords works on an auction basis – this means your ads are in competition with other ads targeting the same keywords. Therefore, understanding how to compete cost-effectively is essential.
  • Conversions are more important than clicks – it is actually relatively easy getting clicks from a Google AdWords campaign. Getting clicks that convert into sales or leads is a completely different prospect, however.

So, to get a good return on investment from a Google AdWords campaign, you need help from an advertising specialist.

Hire our Google Advertising Services in NZ Today

When you come to Business Website Group, you will get an AdWords expert with extensive experience working for businesses like yours. We don’t cut corners, we pay attention to details, and we focus on getting you the best results possible for your budget.

We can make AdWords work for your business, plus you will find our team is approachable, friendly, and professional.

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