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Palmerston North SEO Services that Supercharge Your Revenue Growth

You have a professionally designed website. The user experience is fantastic. You have meticulously designed the site’s purchase funnel to drive conversions. However, there’s a small glitch — your website does not have many visitors!

If your business website does not show up on the first page of Google search, you are not making the most of your investment. That’s where our SEO agency in Palmerston North comes in. We know search engine optimisation like the back of our hands; our SEO specialists have the knowledge and the skills to boost your online visibility.

  • Is your company missing out on valuable leads and customers?
  • Are you wondering how to drive more online traffic?
  • Do you have a top-notch product/service that people are searching for online and ready to buy?
  • Is the current SEO campaign for your Palmerston North business not delivering the results you seek?
  • Do you find it difficult managing your SEO strategy along with managing your business and other responsibilities?
  • Are you tired of managing an in-house SEO team?
  • Are you really ready to supercharge your SEO campaign to generate the revenue boost your business deserves?
  • Do you want to partner with a search engine optimisation agency in Palmerston North that’s committed to your success?

Contact Business Website Group today! With a combined experience of over 50 years in search engine optimisation, our experts can plan and launch a Highly Effective SEO campaign that will drive quality traffic to your website, boost your conversions and make an unmissable difference to your bottom line!

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What is SEO and How Does it Work? 

SEO (short for Search Engine Optimisation) is the process of boosting a website’s ranking in the search engine results pages (SERPs). This, in turn, can boost your online visibility and drive quality traffic to your website, eventually growing your sales, revenue and profitability.

A good SEO campaign is a valuable investment that your business can make as it puts your brand in front of people who are actively searching for your kind of products or services.

So how exactly does SEO work?

Every search engine has automated crawlers (also known by other names such as spiders, bots, etc.) that search a website, interpret the content on the site and determine how to index it.

Google considers more than 200 signals when scoring and ranking a website. These ranking factors include domain authority, relevancy, engagement, popularity, speed, mobile optimisation and user experience. A page that scores well in these aspects is sure to rank in Google.

Google aims to provide its users with the most relevant results for a given search query. When optimising your website for search engines, it’s best to begin here and work backward. the correct usage of keywords, the quality of the content on your website, backlinks and social share are some of the biggest aspects that can make a huge impact on your search engine rankings.

But there are many other on-page SEO strategies that our experts in Palmerston North can implement:

  • Page Load Speed – If your website takes any more than four seconds to load, it will put off your visitors, and who will pay special attention to this aspect.
  • URLs – Clean, clutter-free, short and descriptive URLs that are optimised for the target keyword that’s most relevant to the respective page.
  • Titles – Our SEO experts will optimise the titles for your keywords.
  • Headings – Optimised for your keywords and well structured to improve readability.
  • Meta Descriptions – This is the description that shows up below your website URL in the search engine results. A well-written description will earn more clicks.
  • Content – High quality, relevant, authoritative and fresh content that’s optimised for the target keywords. It’s important to balance readability and keyword optimisation.
  • Optmised Images – Large images take time to load which can disrupt the user experience. Our SEO specialist will optimise the images for size and add descriptive alt tags to boost visibility in Google Image search.
  • Code – We build websites using clean HTML5 and CSS3 coding. If your website was not designed by us, our SEO specialists will run a quick check to identify areas for improvement.
  •  SSL – If your website does not have a valid SSL certificate, it will be marked as unsecure and never rank up in the search results.
  • Crawl – Robots.txt files and sitemaps help the search engine crawlers to understand your website’s content and its relevancy to a given search query.
  • Internal Links – It is important to connect the content within your website through internal linking. The search engines consider the strength of your website’s internal linking when ranking it.

These are some of the critical aspects that our SEO specialists will consider during an on-page SEO review. But getting these aspects right can deliver huge gains, boosting your search rankings.

Our SEO specialists in Palmerston North are skilled experts and will optimise your website to make sure it ranks at the top of the search results and shows up when people use your target keywords in the search query.

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SEO Palmerston North – Our Services

Now that you understand SEO and what it means, let’s take a look at some of our services. Here at Business Website Group, we offer the complete SEO package to make sure every aspect of SEO is covered and that your website is primed for success in the digital world.

SEO Audit

An SEO audit is the best place to kick-start your SEO strategy. As part of this free service, we take a look at more than 90 technical aspects to gauge the overall health of your website. We begin by identifying errors that must be fixed and move on to other aspects, which may or may not have to be fixed depending on how critical they are to your website’s ranking.

The most common SEO errors we find are things like duplicate content or incomplete meta-data, which can make a huge difference to how the search engine crawlers index your website. We also look at aspects such as design, page load speed, user experience, conversion rate optimisation.

We believe that it’s best to address the errors before creating an SEO strategy. After all, there’s no point adding content or making improvements to a website that is riddled with errors. It won’t get you anywhere.

Although you could start with keyword research, we prefer to give your SEO strategy the right start.

Competitor Analysis

This is a crucial service that our SEO agency in Palmerston North offers. Competitor analysis provides crucial data and insights that can pave the way for a successful SEO strategy.

As part of this service, we will identify the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors’ SEO strategies, what is working and what is not, the keywords they are targeting and the websites that are linking to them among other things. This insight will help us to put together an SEO strategy that puts your competitors behind and your website at the top of the search engine results.

Bespoke SEO Strategy

Customised SEO strategy is an essential part of our Palmerston North SEO Services. Every business is unique; even if you make the same products, there is some way that you differ from your competitors.

Our SEO experts will seek to understand your business, goals and your target audience to design a custom SEO strategy that helps achieve the results you seek within the budget you have set aside.

Cookie-cutter SEO strategies may or may not work for your business, and that’s a risk you cannot afford to take.

Technical and On-Page SEO 

Once your SEO strategy is in place, we will address all technical errors in your website’s code which will provide us with a clean slate to work from. Having optimised hundreds of websites for businesses across Palmerston North and New Zealand, we have noticed some terrible SEO mistakes when it comes to content: keyword stuffing, duplicate content, keywords that sound unnatural, and more.

It’s important to produce content in a way that the search engines can index but at the same time, it’s important to address the users’ needs. If your content won’t make sense, your visitors are going to leave your website without converting, which will eventually affect your search rankings. After all, Google takes note of these things.

As part of our on-page SEO services, our experts will focus on optimising the content and features that are present on your website including meta descriptions, title tags, image optimisation, sitemaps, page load speed analysis and keyword optimisation.

Off-Page SEO

In addition to the aspects that are on your website, the off-page aspects of your website are equally important. Off-page aspects have a huge influence on your website’s rankings, so it is important to optimise them. For example, link building has an immense impact on where you rank in the search engines.

Link building, essentially, offers a reference to the quality and quantity of websites that link to your website. So it’s important to ensure that your website receives inbound links from high-quality, authority websites.

As part of our off-page SEO services, we offer the following:

  • Creation of content for your website
  • Promoting your website’s content to bloggers and webmasters
  • Optimising your Google My Business profile
  • PR outreach campaigns
  • Link earning strategies

Regular Reporting

When you choose Business Website Group as your Search Engine Optimisation agency in Palmerston North, you can expect transparent, clear reporting and all times. After all, how would you know if your agency is fully committed to your success and is really delivering on its promises?

Through our monthly reports and regular check-ins, you can easily keep track of your SEO campaign and know what’s working in your favour and the results you are getting. We will translate all the complex data into a jargon-free and evidence-based report, which will give you a clear picture of the state of things as they are and where your business is headed in the future.

Proactive Optimisation

SEO is not a ‘set and forget’ strategy. It’s an ongoing, proactive strategy that needs regular monitoring and constant updates. That’s why it’s important to work with your SEO agency in Palmerston North on an ongoing basis. By becoming an extension of your business, our SEO agency can offer proactive optimisation solutions.

The best part about SEO is that there’s always something you can do to make improvements or refine your campaign. For example, you can add more content, weed out shady backlinks, target new keywords, and do many other things to keep your website optimised at all times.

By proactively optimising your strategy, you can not only retain your search engine rankings but also improve your rankings, or improve the reach of your website to target newer keywords.

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Rank at the Top of the Search Results with Results-Driven SEO Campaigns

At Business Website Group, we have designed and launched hundreds of SEO campaigns for businesses of all shapes and sizes across New Zealand. We are not one of those digital agencies that simply talk the talk. We are an SEO agency that gets stuff done. Our focus is on launching SEO campaigns that make an unmissable impact on your bottom line and delivering measurable results that you can see for yourself.

We have built our reputation as a leading SEO agency in New Zealand by delivering top-notch digital marketing solutions to our clients.

Here are some of the reasons why our clients consistently choose us:

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