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Professional SEO Services in Napier by BWG

When you are searching for an SEO agency in Napier, you definitely don’t want to sign up with the first agency you come across. Just like you wouldn’t buy the first car you see at the dealership or sign the lease for the first property you view, you simply settle for a Napier SEO agency without doing your due diligence.

However, looking for an online service provider, especially, an SEO agency, is easier said than done. How would you know the agency you are considering is an experienced and professional service provider?

BWG is a trusted search engine optimisation company in Napier offering professional, affordable and results-focused SEO Services to businesses across Napier and New Zealand. Whether you are searching for an SEO company for the first time or the umpteenth time, on this page you will find out why hundreds of businesses choose our SEO agency.

Should you want to speak to one of our SEO specialists in Napier before reading further, call us at 09 390 3997.

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What’s Included in Our Professional SEO Services in Napier?

BWG provides ethical white hat SEO services that will naturally improve your website’s rankings in the search engine results in the long term. We do not guarantee overnight results or quick fixes but we assure you of long-lasting, highly effective results.

Although it’s true that many of our clients have experienced high visibility and business growth with the help of our SEO services, we believe that nothing can deliver the results you seek more than hard work and the best search engine optimisation service.

Let’s take a look at some of the essential aspects of our SEO services.

SEO Audit

When you choose BWG’s SEO services in Napier, you don’t just get on-page optimisation solutions. We begin each SEO campaign with an SEO audit, which helps our team to understand your current SEO strategy.

There are many paid and free SEO audit tools that can be used to perform this service. However, understanding the data and information these tools provide isn’t easy. It calls for an SEO expert who can process this information from all perspectives to provide useful feedback.

That’s why, at BWG, we make sure our SEO specialists are well-trained in carrying out in-depth SEO audits for every type of business.

If you are working with a Napier SEO company that doesn’t offer regular SEO audits, you are not in the right hands. This only means that your company does not yet have an effective SEO strategy and you are losing out on lucrative opportunities that you are not even aware of.

At BWG, we recognise the importance of SEO audit. A thorough website audit can help identify what’s working and what’s not working with your current strategy, where your website stands in the search results and what steps can be taken to move it up the search engine rankings.

Competitor Research

This is another important service that helps increase your sales and offers. A lot of companies incorrectly assume that competitor analysis is only needed for extremely competitive niches. That’s not true!

No matter how big or small the niche, every business needs a competitor analysis. A solid competitor analysis allows us to design an SEO strategy that puts you ahead of your competitors and helps increase your sales.

Our competitor research is focused not only on your online competitors but offline competitors as well. The result is a holistic strategy that leverages the weak points of your competitors to help achieve your goals.

It’s also crucial to carry out follow-up competitor analysis on an annual basis. The initial competitor analysis provides a good starting point to your strategy but a regular analysis will help you to tweak your strategy proactively and ensure your site is always ranking at the top. After all, someone else is also trying to rank for the same keywords as you.

Here at BWG, our SEO agency in Napier will make sure to analyse your competitors every quarter or if you so desire, even on a monthly basis. Our professional SEO experts will design strategies for your business that not only help boost your search rankings but also increase sales and revenue by converting a greater portion of your target market.

Customised SEO Strategy

Every business is unique; even if you are producing the same products/services, your business differs from the rest in some way. That’s why you need a bespoke SEO strategy tailored to the unique needs and goals of your business.

The best part of a bespoke SEO strategy is that you can expect to maximise the results. By increasing the traffic, you will receive more calls, leads and foot traffic than usual, leading to more conversions.

So when you decide to invest in SEO, it’s important to invest in a bespoke SEO strategy. With a combined experience of 50 years in SEO, our search engine optimisation team in Napier can help you leverage SEO to maximise results and grow your business.

Avoid choosing an SEO agency that relies on cookie-cutter strategies that are not customised for your business and can never deliver optimal results.

Off-Page SEO

In addition to what’s on your page, external factors are equally important. Off-page factors are not on your website but they must be optimised effectively as they are an important ranking factor. For instance, link building has a huge influence on your search engine rankings.

Inbound links essentially signal your website’s authority, expertise and trustworthiness. When your website has a lot of inbound links, it signals to the search engines about the quality of your website. So, the more authoritative websites that link back to your website, the higher your search engine rankings.

As part of our off-page SEO services, we offer the following solutions:

  • Developing SEO content for your website
  • Promotion of your website content to bloggers and webmasters
  • Earning backlinks from authoritative websites
  • Optimising your Google My Business profile

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is an important part of our SEO services for your Napier business. Through this service, our SEO experts primarily focus on optimising the content and features on your website. The primary goal of on-page optimisation is to grab the attention of Google’s crawlers.

Our on-page SEO services includes the following

In-depth audit of your website’s information architecture, redirects and internal linking structure

  • Optimisation of title tags, meta descriptions and headings
  • Creation of sitemaps
  • Image optimisation
  • Optimisation of the content with your target keywords
  • Improving the performance and page load speed of your website
  • Adding new content and pages for the keywords that have not been targeted yet

Regular Reporting

A good SEO service is one that is transparent. If your SEO agency in Napier does not provide weekly and monthly reports, they are either not committed to you fully or up to something fishy.

You need an SEO agency you can trust. At BWG, we send you regular weekly and monthly reports that clearly show the amount of work that was done for your business. This way you can easily track the performance of your SEO campaign. This also helps our SEO strategists in tweaking your strategy for maximum results.

What’s more, these regular reports also tell you and our exports what is working for your business and what is not.

Our service is not just limited to monthly reports. Your project manager will keep in regular touch with you to ask for your thoughts and feedback. Should you have any concerns or questions, your account manager will be happy to help.

In this manner, our SEO agency in Napier will work closely with you to make sure you get the results you seek while maximising your returns.

Proactive Optimisation

SEO is an ongoing and proactive process. It is not a one-time strategy. Your SEO strategy needs to be monitored and updated regularly.

That’s why it’s important to collaborate with your SEO agency constantly making them an extension of your business.

A proactive SEO strategy offers you a lot of benefits. By optimising your website regularly for SEO, our team can ensure that you get the maximum value from your SEO investment.

Our SEO experts in Napier will constantly look for loopholes or ways to improve your SEO strategy. We may even target additional keywords that may be relevant to your business.

After all, no matter how good your SEO strategy, there is always scope for improvement.

Link Analysis

Not all links pointing to your website are good for you. Some backlinks can do more harm than good. If your website has a lot of links from spammy websites, the search engines may penalise you, harming your reputation.

As part of our SEO service, our team will carry out in-depth link analysis on your website to find out if there are any harmful links that must be removed. If we do find any spammy backlinks, we will take the necessary measures to have them removed and restore your website’s reputation.

Example of Work:

SEO Campaign

Number 1 Ranked Nationwide
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Choose the Best SEO Agency in Napier

Improving your online visibility calls for the best SEO strategy. After all, appearing on the second page of search results won’t help achieve your sales goals. Given there 75% of search users don’t look beyond the first page of search results, a first page ranking is crucial.

BWG can plan and launch a stellar SEO campaign for your business.

Proven Results

We are a results-focused SEO company in Napier. Whether you want to increase your online sales or want to improve the quality of your leads, our experts will design an SEO strategy that is tailored to your goals. We don’t stop at that; we measure our performance using metrics that are important to your business.

With this results-focused approach, we have helped our clients generate:

  • Up to 10x increase in leads
  • Up to 400% growth in sales
  • A 20-fold increase in leads

These proven results establish our SEO agencies experience, expertise and reliability.

Unmatched Service

At BWG, we take pride in our stellar customer service. By combining our excellent service with staggering results that we generate for our clients, we see a superior client-retention rate of 90%, which also results in an equally stunning client recommendation rating.

In addition to helping you reach your digital marketing goals, we also assure you of prompt communication, transparent pricing, measurable results and more.

With BWG as your SEO agency in Napier, growing your online presence is easy, hassle-free and cost-effective.

Measurable Results

We understand that you want results that you can measure and that add value to your business. That’s why we send you regular reports that help you track key aspects of your campaign including traffic, rankings, ROI and more.

Dedicated Account Manager

When you sign up for our service, we will assign a dedicated project manager who will handle your SEO campaign and support you at every step of the way.

Your project manager will take the time to understand your requirements and goals and work with our experienced SEO team to help you achieve your monthly, quarterly and annual sales goals.

In short, he will become an extension of your team and ensure that you won’t have to worry about your online presence.

Whether you want more information, need an update, want to share a source or have an idea you want to discuss, your project manager can be easily reached via email, phone, or even video conferencing. You are assured of timely communication and prompt responses at all times.

Begin Your SEO Campaign with a Trusted SEO Agency in Napier

Search engines offer an excellent opportunity to grow your business. By ranking at the top of the search results, your business can get quality leads, increase sales and grow your business like never before. And our SEO agency can help you do that.

Learn how our SEO agency in Napier can make SEO work for your business by contacting us today. To chat with an SEO expert call us at 09 390 3997.

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