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SEO Agency In Auckland NZ

Business Website Group is a Leading SEO Company in Auckland NZ. Would you like your website to appear higher in search results for crucial keywords relating to your brand, products, or services? Are your competitors beating you in Google search? We can help as a leading SEO Agency In Auckland NZ.

We have extensive experience in delivering SEO services in Auckland and around NZ. That means delivering SEO services to local businesses just like yours. We focus on achieving long-term results through services that are comprehensive, plus we only use ethical techniques. This ensures you won’t get a penalty from Google in the future because of an inappropriate shortcut.

Overcoming the Mystery of SEO in NZ

One of the issues that many website and business owners have in relation to SEO services is they are unsure exactly what they are being offered. This is because when talking about SEO services to an SEO company in Auckland, you hear a lot of “lots-ofs”:

  • Lots of promises
  • Lots of jargon
  • Lots of sales talk
  • Lots of scare stories

As one of the most experienced SEO companies in NZ, we know how frustrating this is. Instead of all the fast-talking “lots-ofs”, you want straight-talking in simple language that explains what we will do, how we will do it, and what the results will be.

We can go through this in detail when we speak to you in person, tailoring our advice, explanations, and recommendations to your website. To give you a bit more information now, however, here is some of that straight-talking about SEO you are looking for.

You Don’t Need an SEO Agency in Auckland to Appear in Google

We’re damn good at what we do here at Business Website Group, and we have the track record to prove it. However, we are not the gatekeepers to Google.

Nobody is, in fact, and any SEO agency in Auckland that tells you any different is pulling a fast one.

Unless you have been on the receiving end of dodgy SEO services in the past from an agency in Auckland or anywhere else, your website is highly likely to stay in Google without the assistance of an SEO specialist.

(If you have received dodgy SEO services in the past, your position is different as you may have suffered a penalty so do need the help of a professional SEO company in Auckland. If you’re in this situation, you should act sooner rather than later.)

You Do Need an SEO Agency to Get Good Rankings in Google

Our job as an SEO agency in Auckland working on your website is to improve the rankings you already have, get ahead of your competition in Google search, and make it as hard as possible for any other website to overtake yours.

All this is important because the websites that appear in the best positions in Google get the most clicks. It really is as simple as that – the website in position one for a Google search will get more clicks over the course of a month than the website in position two.

This continues down the first page of all Google search listings. As for page two, you’ll barely get anything.

So, you don’t need SEO services in Auckland to appear in Google, but you do need them to make sure you rank well and beat your competition.

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Discover exactly what is holding your seo back from generating staggering sales and marketing results. A free, no obligatin seo audit.

What we check in the audit...

  • User Experience User Experience
  • Speed Speed
  • Google Ability Google Ability

Example of Work:

SEO Campaign

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How to Get Affordable SEO Services in Auckland

SEO doesn’t have to cost a fortune. In fact, you should be able to get a tangible return on your investment when you get SEO services. This means it is possible to get affordable SEO in Auckland.

It’s also important to say you shouldn’t scrape the bottom of the barrel, either, appointing the cheapest SEO company you can find. Going for the cheapest will probably mean getting someone that doesn’t know what they are doing or who is prepared to use SEO dark arts to get quick results… and to make a quick buck from you.

With this approach, however, you will almost always end up losing.

In other words, there is a difference between cheap and affordable:

  • Cheap SEO in Auckland – no return on investment and probably worse rankings in the medium term
  • Affordable SEO in Auckland – a good return on investment and long-lasting results

What We Will Do for Your Website

We’ve already outlined some of the main elements of the SEO services we provide in NZ. Here’s the jargon-free explanation of each and why they are important.

Improving Usability, Navigation, and User Experience

This is often overlooked but, from our experience, the usability of your website is crucial to ensure you rank well in Google.

An example is whether or not your website is fully responsive. In other words, does your website work properly on both mobile phones and computers/laptops?

Another example is the speed of your website. Does it take forever for your pages to load?

Security is another example. Google has started telling its users whether or not websites are secure. It does this on search results pages and also in its internet browser, Chrome. Is Google telling potential visitors to your website that it’s not secure?

Navigation is an example too. Can visitors quickly find what they are looking for or is your website overly complicated or difficult to use?

Then there is user experience. Does your website offer information overload, are there loads of pop-ups or ads that get in the way, or are there features on your site that don’t work?

Addressing issues like those above is an essential part of SEO. A website audit by one of our experts will highlight any areas that are potentially hurting your site’s rankings.

Optimising Page Titles

Every page on your website has a title. They aren’t always displayed on the page as page titles are not the same as the headings and sub-headings (more on headings in a moment).

There are two main ways you can see the page title of a particular page on your website. The first is to view that page in your browser on a computer or laptop and then hover your mouse over the tab on the address bar. This displays the page title.

The second method is to search for the page in Google as Google displays page titles on its search results pages.

So, how do we optimise page titles? There are a couple of things we do. The first is to make sure they are the right length. Just like Goldilocks prefers, they should be not too short and not too long, but just right.

We then make sure the right keywords are included in your page titles.

Optimising Meta Descriptions

As mentioned above, Google displays page titles on its search results pages. It also displays meta descriptions, i.e. the description that appears below the title of each website on a search results page.

This is a grey area of SEO as Google doesn’t use meta descriptions as a direct factor when deciding how to rank pages. As a result, not every SEO company in Auckland will focus on them.

However, our experience shows that optimising meta descriptions does help with overall SEO efforts, not least because meta descriptions help users decide to click through to your website rather than one of the other sites listed on a search results page.

What do we do with meta descriptions? Again, we turn to Goldilocks and the not too short, not too long, but just right approach. We also use keywords and make the meta description as compelling as possible.

Optimising Headers on Your Pages

Now we are on the actual content that appears on your page. We start with headers, i.e. the headings on your page.

Headers should include keywords. There is also a headers’ hierarchy that should be followed.

In other words, there is a main header, known as a H1 header. There should only be one of these on the page.

The second level down is known as a H2 header. You can have multiple H2 headers.

For sub-headings below H2, we use H3 headers.

Sounds a bit complicated but in simple terms, coding the headings and sub-headings on your page according to the above demonstrates to Google the page has a proper structure, plus it helps Google better understand what the page is about.

On-Page Content

This part of SEO mainly focuses on the text on your website pages. For content to be SEO optimised, it needs to have a few features:

  • It needs to include keywords
  • Those keywords need to be in the right places and have the right mix of primary and secondary focus keywords
  • You need to have enough content on the page, i.e. the word count has to be high enough
  • The content needs to be easy to read
  • The content has to be relevant to the keywords
  • The content has to be well written with no spelling mistakes or grammar problems

If the content on your website has any of the above problems, we will work to resolve them.

Adding Image Alt Tags

The primary purpose of an image alt tag is to provide a description of the image to help people with sight challenges better understand the content on the page.

This is reason enough to ensure they are optimised, but there is an SEO benefit too. So, our SEO services in NZ include optimising image alt tags and including keywords where we can.

Example of Work:

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Ensuring All the Content on Your Website is Unique

This one is an SEO basic as duplicate content will hurt your website’s rankings in Google. Importantly, this applies to all duplicate content including:

Duplicate content can appear on your website in a number of different ways – on purpose, unintentionally, and without your involvement whatsoever. It needs to be found and dealt with, though, so it forms part of our SEO services.

Implementing an Internal Linking Strategy

Links are very important to Google. This includes links to internal pages of your website. They are important because Google uses them to get a better understanding of the pages and content of your website and how they all link together.

Websites that haven’t been properly optimised rarely have effective internal linking in place, so this is one of the things we do as part of our SEO services.

Link and Mention Building

Link building involves getting other websites to link to your website. This shows Google that other websites value your content enough to link to it, demonstrating its popularity and authority.

We use a range of different methods and strategies to build high-quality and long-lasting links back to your site.

Links aren’t the only thing that is important, however, as mentions of your website, brand, and company are important too. Again, this is an area that not every SEO company in Auckland will bother with.

Our experience, however, shows it is important, so it is part of the SEO services we provide.


If you have talked to anyone about SEO before you will have heard about keywords. This is because most of the activity, methods, and strategies that are used to improve your rankings in Google search centre on keywords.

Keywords are simply the phrases that people enter into Google when doing a search. You want your business to rank for as many relevant keywords as possible, particularly those that show buying intent. You also want your website to rank as highly as possible for those keywords.

At Business Website Group, we’ll do comprehensive keyword research to find the best keywords for your business, i.e. the keywords that will deliver the best return on investment.

We’ll then implement those keywords according to the various points above.

Speak to An SEO Expert Today

The aim of the above is to give you a better idea of SEO in general as well as the SEO services we provide. When you contact us about our affordable SEO services in Auckland, we’ll be able to explain which of the above is most relevant to your website and where the most advantageous improvements can be made.

All our SEO services are bespoke and will be tailored according to the objectives of your business. Our track record of success working for companies in a range of industries ensures we’ll be able to improve the ranking of your website in Google which, in turn, will bring more visitors to your site.

Please contact us on 09 390 3997 to find out more about the SEO services we provide and to get an audit of your website.

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