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Example of Work:

Google Ads Campaign

Watch Your Sales Grow With Our Google AdWords Services in Palmerston North

Do you want an instant flow of sales? Do you want to reach your target customers quickly and effectively? Do you want to make the most of your marketing budget with a highly calibrated marketing campaign?

Look no further! Business Website Group is a leading Google AdWords management agency serving businesses across Palmerston North and New Zealand. We combine real-time data, the latest technology and game-changing strategies to launch a PPC campaign that connects you with your target customers while turning clicks into sales.

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Prepare Your Palmerston North Business for Power-Packed PPC Campaigns

The Google AdWords platform is undoubtedly one of the most effective strategies to send targeted customers to your website and send your conversions through the roof.

What’s more, with Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, you can drive results QUICKLY without having to wait for long.

PPC advertising helps you to reach your target customers when they are actively searching for your products/services and are ready to make a purchase. Whether you want to generate a steady stream of leads through your website or retarget users who are interested in your company, Google AdWords is a highly effective technique to win customers, boost revenue and grow your business.

If you are looking to generate impressive returns on your investment, a cookie-cutter Google Ads campaign won’t take you far. Aim for more than just random clicks and traffic boost. A successful PPC campaign is no coincidence; it calls for in-depth keyword research, targeting the right audience, writing compelling ad copy, designing stunning ad creatives, ensuring your landing page aligns with search intent, refining your campaign proactively, and more.

PPC experts have your ears of experience, top-notch skills and a proven track record to create highly targeted PPC campaigns that will reach your ideal customers and leave your competitors far behind.

We launch and manage Google Ads campaigns that supercharge your sales and put your revenue growth in top gear. We are experienced Google Partners, but more importantly, we are a team of experienced digital marketers who combine our skills, knowledge and expertise to help you make the most of this marketing platform.

Prepare yourself for top-class online visibility, traffic and conversions like you have never seen before.

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What is Google Ads?

Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) is one of the most popular pay per click campaigns in the digital marketing world. With more than 5.5 billion searches a day and a huge number of websites on the Google Display Network, you get to show your ads wherever your audiences are.

If you are keen on growing your business and take it to the top, you should consider investing in a well-designed Google Ads campaign. Google AdWords allows you to place bids to show your ads when users search for your target keywords.

Google AdWords was launched in 2000 and since then businesses of all shapes and sizes have leveraged this powerful platform and its massive reach to connect with their target customers, drive traffic and generate phenomenal sales. Currently, Google Ads rake in a staggering 82% of all paid search ad spending.

For instance, by launching a search campaign on Google Ads, you can take your business to the top of the Google search results and put your brand in front of your target audience. So every time, someone searches for your target keywords, your ad will show up, and your compelling ad copy will persuade users to visit your landing page. And a well-designed landing page will engage your visitors and turn them into leads and customers.

With Google Ads, like with any other PPC platform, you are charged only when someone clicks on your ads. This means that you are not paying for the space that your ads take; rather, you pay when someone is interested in knowing about your offer and clicks on your ad to know more.

In short, you are paying for the opportunity to convert a prospective customer who is actively looking for information and is ready to make a decision.

The amount you pay for each click depends on how competitive the bid market is and your campaign’s Quality Score. While you have no control over the market, you can certainly improve your quality score to reduce your cost per click and maximise your returns.

Believers when you say this – investing in a Google ads campaign is certainly worth every cent you put in. Advertisers typically see a 2x return by launching Google Ads PPC campaigns.

Example of Work:

Google Ads Campaign

Why Hire a Palmerston North PPC Agency to Manage Your Google Ads Campaign?

Although setting up a Google Ads campaign is not difficult, generating the results that matter, is not as easy! With a wide range of decisions to make from scheduling, geo-targeting, optimisation tools and mobile ads – PPC management can in no time become a complex task, leaving you without any time or energy to focus on the core aspects of your business.

Add to that the constantly changing techniques and rules of PPC platforms including Google Ads, the learning curve can be pretty steep.

By partnering with an experienced Google Ads agency, you can steer clear of making costly mistakes while maximising your ROI. It is easy for inexperienced employees to target inaccurate keywords or to focus on inappropriate metrics, which can see your ROI taking a sharp nosedive.

Some of the top benefits of hiring a PPC agency to handle your Palmerston North Google Ads campaign include:

  • You get to work with a team of experts who know what it takes to reduce wasteful click and maximise your returns
  • Your Google Ads campaign will be focused on results rather than on random metrics
  • A well-designed PPC campaign will deliver a higher ROI on your marketing spend
  • Your Google Ads campaign will align with your overall digital marketing strategy and goals
  • By handing over PPC management to you can experience agency, you can create your time that you can focus on the core aspects of your business

Our Google Ads Management Services

Here at Business Website Group, we understand Google Ads like the back of our hands and our team has a combined experience of over 25 years in PPC. But before we can begin to work our magic for your business, it is important for us to understand your current PPC setup.

In order to launch a highly effective PPC campaign with Google Ads, we take some important initial steps:

The Initial Setup

Step 1 – Understanding Your Requirements

Once you approve our quote, we will send an assessment form for you to fill details such as why your business is good at what it does, information about your current PPC campaign, your current marketing strategy and information about your ideal customer.

We begin to plan your campaign only after we get to know your business, goals, products/services and customers in detail. We will also request access to your existing PPC campaign as well as your Google Analytics account in order to leverage your data.

Step 2 – Creating Your New Google Ads Campaign

This is the phase where we get busy and leverage our exceptional PPC skills to set up and optimise your new Google Ads campaign. We will carry out in-depth keyword research, create ad groups, develop sitelinks and write compelling ad copy and send it all for your review. We will keep amending until you approve.

Step 3 – Going Live

Once you have signed off the account setup, we will upload your credit card information to Google to launch your campaign. This is where all our hard work begins to pay off – you will begin receiving targeted traffic in no time.

Monthly Campaign Management

Many newbie marketers assume that once the Ads account goes live, the job is done. However, that approach won’t take you far.

For one, Google is constantly updating the Google Ads console. And second, your competitors are proactively updating their PPC strategy as well. So it’s important to constantly monitor, refine and calibrate your PPC campaign for maximum performance.

To keep the revenue rolling in, we carry out the following activities across the month:

Task 1 – Bid Price Management

Each keyword carries a different cost per click and conversion rate. Consequently, the ROI varies from keyword to keyword. Every time a user searches on Google, your competitors are bidding for that particular keyword. Every auction has different data points. Now a typical account may have hundreds of keywords, making the task of bid price management, complex and overwhelming.

That’s why most businesses leave the task to Google Ads management agency. For best results, we will update your bid prices for each keyword, usually on a daily basis.

Task 2 – Split Testing The Ad Copy

Your ad copy is the heart of your PPC campaign. Conveying the right message to the right customer at the right time is our end goal. Although our copywriters have years of experience in ad copywriting, we find that testing different ad copy and pitting one ad copy against another is the best way to maximise your ROI.

Task 3 – Refining Account Structure

As data begins to accumulate, we will proactively make structural changes to your Google Ads account for maximum results. This includes tasks such as new campaigns, new keywords, new ad groups or pausing unprofitable ad groups.

We will constantly monitor and refine your Ads campaign to ensure your campaign is the most effective at all times.

Task 4 – Data Mining And Negative Keywords 

Our Google Ads specialist in Palmerston North will dig deep into your Google Analytics data and customer search query data to understand what your customers are looking for. This can also mean adding negative keywords to your campaign to avoid showing your ads to traffic that is not relevant.

Task 5 – Reporting

Here at Business Website Group, we believe in 100% transparency and will keep you posted at all times. We will link your Google Analytics account to your Google Ads account so you can have complete access to the data at all times. We will also send in-depth reports outlining your rankings and results along with our thoughts.

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Why Choose Business Website Group As Your Google Ads Management Agency?

As an accredited Google Partner agency with a fully certified New Zealand based team, we can help deliver unmatched results for your Palmerston North business.

Here are some of the top reasons why businesses partner with us:

  • You are in complete control of the cost per conversion.
  • Our Google Ads experts receive in-depth training on future techniques, trends and tools before they are even launched in the market, giving us an edge over other Google Ads agencies in Palmerston North.
  • What will implement proven, data-backed strategies to your AdWords campaigns, assuring you of maximum returns on your investment.
  • As New Zealand’s leading Google Ads agency, we have a proven track record of consistently delivering results through our PPC campaigns.
  • Our results-driven approach to search marketing drives profitable results for our clients.
  • We believe in transparency right from start to finish; and that’s exactly what you get whether it is in our process, reporting or fees.
  • We don’t believe in contracts. So when you choose our Google ads agency, you are hiring us on a month-to-month basis without committing to anything more. we want you to stick with us by seeing the value we can deliver for you rather than keeping you locked into a contract that you didn’t want in the first place.

Request a Free PPC Audit

Are you ready to propel your business to the top of the search results with an effective Google Ads campaign? Get in touch with our Google Ads agency in Palmerston North today to speak to a strategist who will review your current PPC campaign and show you how we can help achieve your sales goals.

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