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Example of Work:

Google Ads Campaign

Google Ads Service that Grows Your Hamilton Business

Turn your PPC ad clicks into customers with Hamilton’s top Google Ads agency – BWG. With more than 500 successful Google Ads campaigns delivered and a team of certified Google Ads specialists, we can work with you to grow your company’s revenue from paid advertising.

PPC, short for Pay Per Click advertising is a fast, effective way to reach people who are actively searching for products or services you offer. Target them when they are ready to convert and leave your competitors behind.

With a well-developed Google Ads strategy, you can increase visibility for your brand, drive quality leads and conversions and generate immediate results for your business. BWG can design a bespoke Google Ads PPC strategy to help drive sales and revenue for your Hamilton business.

As a leading Google Ads management agency with over 10 years of experience, we know what it takes to reduce wasteful clicks, lower your cost per click, increase conversions and maximise your returns.

Our Google Ads specialists in Hamilton have mastered the art of PPC and combine our data-backed strategies with proven PPC strategies to deliver stellar results for you.

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Why Google Ads Can Drive Sales for Your Hamilton Business

PPC is an extremely powerful digital advertising strategy that can boost conversions and maximise your returns. Our data-driven PPC strategies deliver valuable opportunities to improve your brand’s visibility, attract high converting traffic, boost conversions and drive profitability.

Here are the top reasons why Google Advertising is worth considering:

Advertise Your Products/Services Cost-Effectively

PPC is a highly cost-effective advertising strategy. Here’s why.
When you put an ad in traditional media like TV, newspaper or billboard, you pay for the ad space – i.e. the space the ad occupies. Only a 2-inch square ad in a local newspaper or magazine can cost you an arm and a leg, and billboard ads can cost thousands of dollars and more.

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Google Ads is modelled after the same TV or newspaper ad, only your ads show up online. Another huge benefit is that you don’t pay for the space but only for the clicks. That’s right, you pay only when someone clicks on your ads, and not otherwise.

This makes PPC ads extremely cost-effective. After all, you are not paying just to put your ad but only for when there’s a high probability of conversion. We say high probability because Google Ads are highly targeted, meaning that people clicking on these ads are typically ready to make a purchase.

Get Instant, Consistent Traffic

A Google Ads campaign is a great way to complement your SEO efforts. While SEO can take time to improve your online visibility, PPC can help improve your brand visibility and drive traffic instantly.

PPC is the quickest way to run a paid search ad campaign, begin your marketing efforts and generate instant traffic to your website.

Get Quick Results

PPC can deliver instantaneous results for your business. This means that you can expect to receive traffic and leads as soon as you launch your campaign. Once our Google Ads specialists in Hamilton launch your PPC campaign, you can expect results almost overnight.

But do bear in mind that the first three months usually serves as the testing phase. In order to maximise results and returns, our team will gather critical data whilst proactively improving your PPC campaign’s performance.

Benefit from Improved Brand Visibility

The best part about Google Ads is that you can expose your target audience to your products/services in places where they’re spending time. A PPC ad campaign leverages the awareness phase of your sales funnel and ensures your brand is exposed to high-converting customers. In essence, you not only see an improvement in traffic but an improvement in the quality of traffic as well, driving conversions and sales.

Maximise Results with Granular Targeting

With Google Ads, we can help you target people based on a variety of factors such as their online activities, search behaviour and preferred platforms. With PPC, it’s possible to deliver your message to the most relevant customers when they are highly likely to make a purchase decision.

Furthermore, with PPC you can even target people using specific demographics such as their age, gender and location among other things.

Google Ads Gives Anyone an Easy Start

The Google Ads platform offers a range of options to take your brand in front of your target audience. What’s more, setting up your campaign is very easy. Even if you haven’t been able to leverage Google Ads the way you would like for years, there’s no reason to lose hope.

Our Google Ads experts in Hamilton can get your PPC campaign up and running quickly and effectively so your website can welcome fresh, new traffic in no time.

Leverage Split Testing

Split testing is an important part of a successful Google Ads campaign. Our PPC specialists will design different versions of your ads to hone in on the campaign that can generate the best possible returns for your investment.

With A/B testing, we can compare the performance of the different versions of an ad, optimising the one that’s performing the best, thereby maximising revenue and ROI.

Launch One-Time Ads

Not sure you have enough budget to commit to an on-going Google Ads campaign? Our PPC experts in Hamilton can implement a one-time promotion and operate short sales cycles.

With Google Ads, you can introduce new products/services to your online audience, promote seasonal offers and products and separate the different campaigns by priority.

Trackable Data

With Google Ads, you get access to a wealth of data that’s trackable and measurable. This gets rid of guesswork where campaign tracking & reporting and concerned. Google Analytics will automatically track all the metrics of your campaign to offer a crystal clear picture of the PPC campaign.

Complete Customisation

Leave your competitors behind with a bespoke, highly-targeted Google Ads campaign that appeals to your target customers. With Google Ads, you gain access to a wealth of data that can be used to optimise your campaign performance.

Our PPC specialists in Hamilton will choose each and every aspect of your PPC campaign from audience targeting and keywords to target location and placements.

Example of Work:

Google Ads Campaign

Why Our Google Ads Service in Hamilton is Unmatched

BWG is a leading PPC management company in Hamilton. Our Google Ads management service is second to none. Our PPC specialists will pay attention to every little detail to maximise your returns.

We offer a bespoke solution for small and medium businesses, providing a service that’s tailored to your goals.

Our Google Ads specialists leverage the latest advertising tools and technology to launch an ad campaign that targets the precise market you are interested in. Our PPC campaigns make use of Google’s robust PPC network, remarketing strategies to reconnect with previous visitors to your website as well as Google audience match to reach your target customers among other strategies.

You also get access to our proprietary tools and software, initial campaign strategy, competitor research and a lot more.

Here are some of the top reasons why BWG is trusted by business across Hamilton for Google Ads management:

Transparent Pricing

Here at BWG, we are of the opinion that building and fostering a strong relationship with our clients calls for complete transparency – and this includes PPC management pricing.

During the initial consultation, we will discuss your requirements and get to understand your PPC goals and the budget you have in mind. We will tell you right away if our PPC management service is suited for your business. We will also give you a breakdown of all that’s included in your plan.

This provides the perfect launchpad to discuss your budget and what you get with each of our various PPC management plans.

We Save You Time

If you are searching for a Google Ads management agency in Hamilton that will manage your campaign, look no further than BWG. With a team of PPC experts, creative designers and ad copywriters, we will work with you every step of the way to launch a holistic campaign that delivers the results you seek.

We will assign a dedicated account manager who will take the time to listen to you, create a strategy and keep you in the loop at all times.

We will design a bespoke PPC strategy and campaign, conduct out in-depth keyword research to choose the most feasible keywords, and even research your target audience to ensure we are reaching the right people.

We will create compelling ad copy for your Google Ads campaign, test the copy, continuously editing and updating the keywords and refining your campaign at all, times.

Where your Google Ads campaign is concerned, we’ve got you covered.

Your Goals Are Our Goals

Here at BWG, our clients are thought of as family. We recognise the fact that our Google Ads management services can make or break your Hamilton business, and we take that responsibility with utmost seriousness.

To maximise the results for your business, we treat your goals as our own and our PPC experts will leave no stone unturned to make sure your campaign delivers unmatched results.

Your success is our success. Your happiness is our happiness.

We Plan and Launch a Bespoke PPC Campaign for You  

We understand that every business is unique and this means that every business has unique requirements.

That’s why we customise your Google Ads campaign to make sure it has all the elements that are needed to achieve your online marketing and sales goals. We offer a wide range of PPC management plans, giving you control over your budget and the strategy that suits your requirements the most.

Transparent, Honest ROI Reporting

We explained earlier how measuring the success of your PPC ads can help drive traffic, conversions and sales for your business.

Our PPC team will constantly monitor your Google Ads campaign and ensure it’s delivering the maximum ROI for you.

We will provide campaign tracking tools, make sure your keywords are working for you and split test the landing pages.

Our Hamilton Google Ads team will provide an in-depth report so you know how your PPC campaign is performing. Your account manager will keep in touch with you at all times to discuss the way forward and make critical decisions at all times.

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Choose BWG to Earn Targeted Leads from Your PPC Campaign

PPC can deliver a ton of leads and sales, helping you achieve your goals. If you are looking to make PPC work for your business, you need a well-planned Google Ads campaign.

Here at BWG, we understand what it takes to create a Google Ads campaign that boosts traffic, leads and conversions. With a team of qualified PPC specialists with a combined experience of over 40 years, we can help launch an Ads campaign that helps your business grow.

We are all about delivering results. To date, we have worked with hundreds of businesses across the country, successfully generating hundreds of thousands of leads for them. We are committed to putting the needs of your business above anything else.

If you choose to scale up your campaign, our Google Ads specialists can help you with that too. As a full-service digital agency, we offer a range of other services including website design, SEO, copywriting, email marketing and more. This means you get a holistic solution to take your business to the next level.

Discuss Your Google Ads PPC Campaign Today!

Our Hamilton PPC experts can help set-up a customised Google Ads campaign for your business in no time. We will take the time to understand your requirements before planning your campaign. This allows us to make the most of your budget and maximise the results.

When you want to drive more leads and sales from your website, BWG can help achieve your goals.

Ready to begin growing your Hamilton business? Get in touch with us today to know how our Google Ads specialists can help your business scale new heights.

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