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Google Ads Campaign

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Example of Work:

Google Ads Campaign

Google Ads PPC Campaign that Delivers Exceptional Results for Your Christchurch Business

Are you searching for the best Google Ads agency in Christchurch? Are you looking to drive traffic and boost your sales quickly? Do you want to hire an agency that can help you make the most of your marketing budget?

If so, then you’ve come to the right place.

BWG is a Pay Per Click ads agency in Christchurch with experienced paid search experts who will seek to maximise your ROI. Hire us today to reduce your advertising costs, boost conversions and maximise your ROI with Google Ads.

We build your Google Ads campaign to deliver the best results. Each PPC campaign is backed by years of data, research and analysis to deliver a campaign that’s customised for your business and your target customers.

We work on your Google Ads campaign with a single-minded focus on maximising returns through well-designed ad campaigns. Your campaign is meticulously planned, executed, monitored and optimised to make sure it delivers excellent value for your business and achieves your marketing goals.

Our PPC ads specialists in Christchurch are Google Ads certified, which means that all of our members keep track of the latest improvements and features in paid search, display, shopping, remarketing and YouTube.

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Google Ads Campaigns that Drive Traffic and Boost Conversions

We believe that a Google Ads campaign plays a critical role in your digital marketing strategy. It can be used to compliment your SEO campaign. Alternatively, you can use it independently to drive instant traffic to your website.

Paid search is a great way to advertise your brand. It’s the quickest way to reach your target customers. At the same time, it’s a very cost-effective, controllable way to rank at the top of Google search results.

There’s no other advertising platform that can deliver flexible yet data-led, measurable results. This allows us to manage highly flexible, targeted and effective PPC campaigns for your Christchurch business.

Paid search is all about answering a specific need. After all, keywords by themselves don’t tell you when someone is ready to make a purchase. It’s equally important to know about the person behind the click. Are those your target customers? What are they looking for? How much is that click really worth?

A successful Google Ads campaign seeks to answer all of these questions whilst delivering a personalised solution, driving visibility for your brand and traffic to your website. This is only possible when you connect with the right audience and convey the appropriate message at the right time to boost results.

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PPC Agency in Christchurch – Our Approach

So what makes our Google Ads service different from all the other PPC agencies in Christchurch? We have been offering professional paid search services for over 10 years. We’ve worked with businesses of all shapes and sizes to help achieve their sales goals.

We are laser-focused on driving more conversions, more leads and more revenue for our clients whilst reducing their ad spend. We do that by combining our wealth of experience in PPC with proven, data-backed, results-driven strategies.

  • Measurable Results – When you work with our Gogole Ads team, there’s no scope for guesswork. Expect a service that’s accountable, measurable and flexible and totally focused on conversions.
  • Round the Clock Reporting – We proactively monitor your ad campaigns and track their performance constantly. This enables us to identify performance gaps, optimise your campaign and improve the results.
  • Testing, Testing, Testing – The success of your Google Ads campaign, to a great extent, depends on how it’s managed. We will tweak your ads, test new products, try new search phrases and optimise your PPC campaign based on the results.
  • Targeted Campaigns – We consider each and every aspect of your funnel when designing your PPC campaign. That means you are targeting the right people at the right time in the right place. Always!

Example of Work:

Google Ads Campaign

Our Google Ads Strategy for Your PPC Campaign

At BWG, we believe in being completely transparent with our clients. To that end, we help you to understand what’s happening behind the scenes. Two-way communication is a critical part of the process.

While we bring to the table our expertise in optimising conversions, driving click-through rates (CTRs) and for e-commerce businesses, growing sales values, your inputs will prove equally valuable in putting together a highly optimised Google Ads campaign for you.

Throughout the process, we are open to discussing our ideas, thoughts, strategies, split testing and results. Here’s a look at the steps we taken in creating an effective PPC campaign for your Christchurch business.

Step 1: Set a Realistic Budget

This is easier said than done. It’s not a matter of just saying “we have set aside a budget of $3,000 a month, let’s start with that and take it from there.”

There’s more to setting a budget than that!

Your PPC budget will depend on an array of factors including your industry, geographic locations you’re targeting, how competitive the keywords are and what an average click costs. For some sectors, $3,000 might be a lot more than is necessary. However, for some others, $3,000 will just about get you started.

And that’s where budget forecasting comes into the picture. Our Google Ads team in Christchurch will calculate the average conversion rates and cost per click in your industry to identify:

  • The budget you need to set aside on a month on month basis
  • The average number of conversions your monthly budget can deliver
  • An overview of Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

Step 2: Choose the Right Google Ads Platform

Now, it’s time to choose the most relevant and feasible network based on your budget and your goals. Whether it is Google Search, Google Display Network (GDN), YouTube or Google Shopping, we will choose an ad network that will help maximise your returns whilst ensuring you stay on budget.

With a suitable budget, our PPC specialists in Christchurch can advertise on multiple platforms, maximising the returns.

Step 3: Keyword Research

This is an essential part of any Google Ads campaign. Unless you have an unlimited budget to work with, it’s best to avoid choosing generic keywords no matter your niche.

Although going ahead with broad search phrases may work for some businesses, it’s important to think about user intent whilst also considering your positioning in the sales funnel.

People who use generic and broad search phrases, are usually in the early stages of the purchase funnel. They are just starting out and looking for more information. Targeting these users (those who don’t know what they’re searching for) can blow a huge hole through your budget without yielding the desired outcome.

Instead, our PPC specialists will look for lower volume, higher intent and competition keywords. This is a great strategy that can help reduce wasteful clicks, drive targeted traffic and maximise your returns.

That’s why our Google Ads specialists in Christchurch will carry out an in-depth keyword and competitor research to identify keywords that are most feasible for your campaign.

We leverage an array of specialised tools to take the guesswork out of the process and pick the most profitable keywords for you.

It’s no coincidence then that you found us using one of these keywords: Google Ads agency Christchurch, Google Ads management agency Christchurch, Christchurch Google Ads, Christchurch PPC and Christchurch Google Ads agency.

All of these are keyword phrases that we have found to be feasible and profitable.

Every industry has similar search phrases. All you need to do is take the time and put in the effort to find them. Our PPC specialists in Christchurch can do all of that for you.

Step 4: Design Effective Ad Groups

When it comes to Google Ads, every little detail matters. That’s why it’s important to get your ad groups right. Otherwise, your ads may not rank well, your clicks would be very expensive and you will be losing a lot of potential impressions and traffic.

Ad groups are a great way to significantly improve the quality score of your ads. That will, in turn, result in lower cost per acquisition (CPA) whilst boosting your click-through rate (CTR).

When designing ad groups, our Google Ads team in Christchurch will create closely themed groups, focusing on sub-categories. This setup ensures your ad copy is relevant to your keyword theme and the clicks land on the most relevant landing pages.

Step 5: Write Clear Compelling Copy and Optimise Landing Pages

An clear, engaging and compelling copy is the secret sauce that can go a long way in boosting your CTR. And an optimised landing page will ensure more of those clicks convert into leads or sales.

So it’s important to ensure your ad copy aligns with user intent and that the landing page delivers on the promise you made in the ad. If there’s a mismatch here, you will be spending on traffic that won’t convert.

That’s where our professional Google Ads experts in Christchurch can help. Our copywriters will optimise the ad copy to ensure it aligns with user intent – targeted at the right people. Similarly, we will optimise the landing page to ensure it makes good on the promise that the ad copy makes.

Getting these two aspects can do wonders for your ad campaign, driving targeted traffic and boosting conversions whilst reducing wasteful clicks and maximising your returns.

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Drive Targeted Traffic and Boost Sales with Google Ads

Google Ads endeavours for relevancy and encourages advertisers to make their ads as useful and relevant as possible. Google Ads will assign a quality score to every keyword in your Ads account. Your Quality Score will greatly affect the cost per click (CPC) for a given ad.

If you want to improve the Quality Score of your Google Ads campaign, our experienced PPC specialists in Christchurch can help.

We will optimise ad relevancy and landing page copy to boost the CTR and conversions. This will improve the overall Quality Score of your account, which will allow you to generate the most targeted traffic to your site.

More important, do take note that Google Ads rewards those advertisers who frequently optimise their account and experiment with the latest features. By hiring BWG’s

Google Ads specialists in Christchurch you will not only benefit from our expertise in making your campaign work for you but you will also end up paying less for your ads and in turn improving your ROI.

With a team of experienced PPC specialists, BWG is Christchurch’s trusted Google Ads agency. Our PPC experts have many years of experience launching and optimising Google Ads campaigns for an array of industries including home improvement, healthcare, financial, enterprise, HVAC, legal, water delivery, plumbing, electrical, fire protection, professional services, building restoration and more.

Our Google Ads PPC team will take the time to understand your business, products/services, goals, business model, competitors and target audience to plan and create a customised Ads campaign to improve:

  • Your sales funnel
  • Lead to sale ratio
  • Visit to lead ratio
  • Profit margins for every product/service you sell

By better understanding your sales funnel, we are able to set bids suitably and reduce your cost per lead. We combine our years of experience in Google Ads management with our passion for business growth to design a cost-effective Ads campaign that delivers stellar results for you and your business.

Choose our Google Ads Campaign Management Services in Christchurch

Google Ads is essentially a self-service platform. Although it’s easy to set up and manage your PPC campaign, it’s not as easy to maximise ROI. When you are looking to maximise your ROI, you need a professional Google Ads agency in Christchurch that has the expertise, knowledge and tools to reduce wasteful clicks, drive targeted traffic, boost conversions and maximise ROI.

Ready to grow your sales figures? Then get in touch with BWG today to kick-start your Google Ads campaign or request a free PPC audit of your current campaign.

Fill in our contact form or call 09 390 3997.

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