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1- Login to WordPress, Go to the Post SMTP tab in your WordPress dashboard and click the Start the Wizard button.
setup wizerd

2- Enter the Google email address that will be used as your admin email for the website, and your company or website name in the Name field. Click the Next button.

enter gmail

3- The wizard should automatically set smtp.gmail.com as the Outgoing Mail Server Hostname.
Click the Next button.

setup image 3

4-The wizard will automatically recommend and select: SMTP-STARTTLS with OAuth 2.0 authentication to host smtp.gmail.com on port 587.
Then simply click

setup image 4

5-In the Authentication screen, you will need to input two parameters: Client ID and Client Secret to configure it.

setup image 5

6- To get the Client ID and the Client Secret, visit Google API Console and log in to your Gmail Account if asked.
If it’s for the first time then you need to register your application for Gmail API, or simply
Create a project and click Continue.

setup imge 6a
setup image 6b

7- Next in the process is to create credentials for SMTP configuration. Select User data and click NEXT.


setup image 7

8- Then, provide the app information like your App Name, User Support Email, and Developer Email Address, and click SAVE AND CONTINUE.

setup image 8

9- You can skip the next step (Scopes) as it’s an optional step and continue with the OAuth Client ID, where you need to select Web application as the application type.

setup image 9

10- Scroll down the screen and click ADD URI.
Paste the Authorized JavaScript Origins URI and Authorized Redirect URI from the plugin Setup Wizard (step 5) to the particular URI field and click Create

setup image 10

11- Now, you have successfully completed all the steps. You can download your credentials if you wish. Click Done.
Now copy the Client ID and Client Secret and paste them into the plugin Setup Wizard (step 5).
Web Client 1 (OAuth name) to access your Client ID information.

setup image 11

12- Once you click on the name, you will find the Client ID and Client Secret of your Gmail account that you need to copy.

setup image 12

13- Next, you need to paste the Client ID and Client Secret to the plugin setup (step 8) and click Next.

setup image 13

14- Then, skip the notification step and finish the setup.

setup image 14

15- Before you grant permission to your account, change the publishing status from Testing to Publishing.
For that, go back to your
Google console > OAuth consent screen > Publish App and click Confirm.

setup image 15

16- Now get back to your WordPress dashboard > Post SMTP Setup and click Grant permission with Google.

setup image 16

17- From the dialog box, select the Gmail account you want to use to send emails, and allow all the permissions.

setup image 17

18- To verify you configured everything correctly, just check that your status matches this one.

setup image 18

19-The last step is to check and verify that everything is working as expected.
Send a Test Email option from the Actions section and enter the destination email

setup image 19