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5 Things To Consider For Your Small Business Web Designs In Auckland

A surprising number of small businesses don’t have websites, and this may be because they falsely believe that their business is too small to need one.  Well, this is simply not true.  No matter how small your business is, in this instant gratification age where consumers expect to find everything they need online, you do need one.

When looking for the best small business web designs in Auckland, there are some essential points to consider to ensure that you get the most from your website.  Read on to learn more.

Choose An Appropriate Domain Name 

Try for a name that is as close to your company name as possible, with the best option being your name.com.  Keep it short and simple, easy to remember and easy to spell.  Choose a relaible web hosting company to ensure the secuity of your website.

Choose a name that you can continue to use as your business grows.  Don’t choose a name that makes it sounds like you only do one kind of thing.  As your business grows and your offering expands, you want the name to be still relevant.  It can be challenging to change a domain name down the line, and such changes can interfere with your SEO efforts.

Keep Your Web Layout Simple

Small business web designs in Auckland should utilise a simple layout with fresh, clean lines that reflects the mood and style of your brand.  Make sure that navigation makes it easy for users to find what they are looking for.  Simple designs also translate well across different devices, computers and mobile phones.

An uncomplicated layout also helps to ensure fast load speeds.  Slow loading pages are very off-putting.

Choose Small Business Web Designs In Auckland That Make Your Easily Contactable

Include a variety of contact details on your website like phone numbers, email address, socical media links and contact forms.  Make it easy for people to contact you by their preferred method.

Reviews, Testimonials And Examples Of Work

Include feedback from existing, satisfied clients and links to favourable reviews.  Add good quality images of your company, your people and your products.

A Plan For SEO

No matter how small your business, web designs in Auckland must be planned to incorporate search engine optimisation (SEO) objectives.  Take the time to research the most appropriate keywords to include so that your website ranks organically when people search for what your business offers.  Organic visibility is one of your website’s most important assets.

Contact Business Website Group today. for the best small business web designs in Auckland.  We have the expertise to build an effective website for your business, not matter the size.  We are committed to delivering on your objectives, no matter what those objectives are.


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